Les mauvais traitements psychologiques envers les enfants, pourquoi et comment en tenir compte dans la pratique en centre jeunesse

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Revue de Psychoéducation, Volume 36, Issue 2, pp. 341-352

It is only since July 2007, when Bill 125, the Quebec Youth Protection Act, was amended, that psychological maltreatment in children has been distinctly recognized as an incident to be reported and investigated by child welfare services. For decades, the issue has been of concern to both researchers and practitioners in the province of Quebec and elsewhere throughout North America. The delay is due in part to controversy surrounding the issue of psychological maltreatment that has made knowledge acquisition a complex issue, and to the nature of psychological maltreatment that is undisputedly more difficult to identify than other forms of child abuse. Identifying psychological abuse is all the more challenging in that the negative impact is not always obvious in the short term. This article provides an update of the controversy surrounding psychological maltreatment, of the emerging consensus on the scope of the issue in Quebec and Canada, and on identified forms of impact. It will be followed with the presentation of the Guide de soutien à l'évaluation du risque de mauvais traitements psychologiques envers les enfants (Malo & Gagné, 2002) recently put together at the IRDS, as well as the related training session. Finally, a discussion will take place on the intricacies of distributing the guide and of the prospects for advancement in this area.

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