Violence and resilience: a scoping review of treatment of mental health problems for Indigenous Youth

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International Journal of Child and Adolescent Resilience, 4(1)

Indigenous communities have experienced many layers of trauma across generations in their lands and social ecology. To address this trauma, Western mental health modalities have been modified to be more culturally appropriate and applied to Indigenous youth. A scoping review framework uncovered eight articles related to the current body of literature regarding treatments to improve the mental health of Indigenous youth. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy was most often utilized as a base for the treatment model. All interventions were effective in reducing mental health symptoms or bolstering resilience and modifications made were perceived as culturally acceptable. These results support the integration of traditional cultural activities into the treatment of mental health difficulties in Indigenous youth. Development of traditional and culturally modified applications, especially those that may serve to enhance resilience, and measuring resilience as an outcome, is recommended in future research.

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