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Journal article
Risk of maltreatment recurrence after exiting substitute care: Impact of placement characteristics

Hélie, Sonia
Poirier, Marie-Andrée
Turcotte, Daniel

Journal article
A developmental approach to the risk of a first recurrence in child protective services

Hélie, Sonia
Laurier, Catherine
Pineau-Villeneuve, Catherine
Royer, Marie-Noële

Journal article
Recurrent reporting of child maltreatment: State of knowledge and avenues for research

Hélie, Sonia
Bouchard, Camil

Journal article
Surveillance en protection de la jeunesse: le tango des chiffres

Hélie, Sonia

Journal article
Effectiveness of Home Visitation by Public-Health Nurses in Prevention of the Recurrence of Child Physical Abuse and Neglect: a Randomised Controlled Trial

MacMillan, Harriet
Thomas, B Helen
Jamieson, Ellen
Walsh, Christine A.
Boyle, Michael
Shannon, Harry
Gafni, Amiram

Journal article
Victimization during childhood and revictimization in dating relationships in adolescent girls

Marie-Hélène Gagné
Francine Lavoie
Martine Hébert

Journal article
La Transmission de la Violence Sexuelle: Description du Phénomène et Pistes de Compréhension

Collin-Vézina, Delphine
Cyr, Mireille