Title Authors Year of Publication
Journal article
Violence and resilience: a scoping review of treatment of mental health problems for Indigenous Youth
Toombs, Elaine
Houlding, Carolyn
Braunberger, Peter
Sawula, Erica
Wekerle, Christine
Mushquash, Chris
Drawson, Alexandra
Journal article
Expression of re-experiencing symptoms in the therapeutic context: a mixed-method analysis of young children exposed to intimate partner violence

Miller-Graff, Laura E.
Galano, Maria
Graham-Bermann, Sandra A.

Journal article
Sleep problems and dissociation in preschool victims of sexual abuse
Hébert, Martine
Langevin, Rachel
Guidi, Elisa
Allard-Dansereau, Claire
Journal article
Challenges in treatment of sexually abused preschoolers: A pilot study of TF-CBT in Quebec

Hebert, Martine
Daignault, Isabelle, V. 

Journal article
Intervention for maltreating fathers: Statistically and clinically significant change

Scott, Katreena L. 
Lishak, Vicky

Information Sheet
Group home and residential treatment placements in child welfare: Analyzing the 2003 Child Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect

DuRoss, Christine
Fallon, Barbara
Black, Tara
Allan, Kate

Journal article
Male Child Sexual Abuse: A Phenomenology of Betrayal

Alaggia, Ramona
Millington, Graeme

Journal article
Meta-analysis of treatment for child sexual behavior problems: Practice elements and outcomes

St. Amand, Annick
Bard, David E.
Silovsky , Jane F.

Journal article
The Use of Involved Neutrality with Self-Mutilative Behavior Among Young People in Residential Settings

Charles, Grant
Matheson, Jane

Journal article
Changes in Coping Following Treatment for Child Molesters

Serran, Geris A.
Moulden, Heather
Firestone, Philip
Marshall, W.L.