Intervention for maltreating fathers: Statistically and clinically significant change

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Child Abuse and Neglect, 36(9), pp. 680-684

Little is known about the effectiveness of interventions for fathers who have been substantiated for maltreatment, neglect, or exposing this child to domestic violence. In order to reduce the knowledge gap authors examined the efficacy of a community-based group treatment group for fathers (n=98).

Changes in parenting, co-parenting, and generalized aggression were measured between pre- and post-intervention. The most significant changes were found in father’s over-reactivity to children’s misbehavior and respect for their partner’s commitment and judgment.

Authors suggest the study is limited in the follow-up time period and the lack of a control group. However, results are promising for continuous development for interventions aimed at fathers who are involved with the child welfare system.

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