young parents

Title Authors Year of Publication
Information Sheet
Police Involvement in Child Maltreatment Investigations in Ontario in 2018

William, Kineesha
Risidore, Jordan
Edwards, Travonne
King, Bryn

Journal article
Intimate partner violence among pregnant young women: A qualitative inquiry
Lèvesque, Sylvie
Chamberland, Claire
Journal article
Pregnancy and motherhood among adolescent girls in child protective services: A meta-synthesis of qualitative research

Connolly, Jennifer
Heifetz, Marina
Bohr, Yvonne

Journal article
Characteristics of Young Parents Investigated and Opened for Ongoing Services in Child Welfare

Fallon, Barbara
Ma, Jennifer
Black, Tara
Wekerle, Christine

Étude exploratoire des manifestations possibles de mauvais traitements psychologiques chez de jeunes parents à risque avec leur enfant d’âge préscolaire : Rapport final

Malo, Claire
Moreau, Jacques
Chamberland, Claire
Roy, Catherine
Léveillé, Sophie
Beauvais, Brigitte