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This section contains material on socioeconomic and other family and community factors related to children and families involved with child welfare services.

Title Authors Year of Publication
Journal article
Understanding the Link Between Childhood Maltreatment and Violent Delinquency: What Do Schools Have to Add?

Crooks, Claire
Scott, Katreena
Wolfe, David
Chiodo, Debbie
Killip, Steve

Journal article
Y a-t-il un lien entre le décrochage scolaire et le décrochage social chez les jeunes présentant des troubles de comportement?

Malo, Claire

Information Sheet
Children with disabilities receiving services from child welfare agencies in Manitoba

Gough, Pamela
Fuchs, Don

Information Sheet
Children with FASD-related Disabilities Receiving Services from Child Welfare Agencies in Manitoba

Gough, Pamela
Fuchs, Don

Journal article
Electroencephalographic correlates of prenatal exposure to alcohol in infants and children: A Review of findings and implications for neurocognitive development

D'Angiulli, Amedeo
Grunau, Peter
Maggi, Stefania
Herdman, Anthony

Journal article
Family Therapy, Family Practice, and Child and Family Poverty: Historical Perspectives and Recent Developments

Frankel, Harvy
Frankel, Sid

Journal article
The Potential Benefits of Remaining in School on the Long-Term Mental Health Functioning of Physically and Sexually Abused Children: Beyond the Academic Domain

Williams, Simon
MacMillan, Harriet
Jamieson, Ellen 

Journal article
When Difference Matters: Matching Service Delivery to Diverse Street Youth Populations

Parker, Joanne
Karabanow, Jeff
Hughes, Jean
Gahagan, Jacqueline
Kisely, Stephen

Children with Disabilities Receiving Services from Child Welfare Agencies in Manitoba

Fuchs, Don
Burnside, Linda
Marchenski, Shelagh
Mudry, Andria

Journal article
Maternal Appraisal Styles, Family Risk Status and Anger Biases of Children

Root, Carol
Jenkins, Jennifer