Supporting Aboriginal Children and Youth with Learning and Behavioural Disabilities in the Care of Aboriginal Child Welfare Agencies

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Brown, I., Chaze. F., Fuchs, D., Lafrance, J., McKay, S., & Thomas Prokop, S. (Eds.). Putting a Human Face on Child Welfare: Voices from the Prairie. Prairie Child Welfare Consortium / Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare: pp. 147-160.

This chapter reports on a research project involving First Nations child and family service agencies (FNCFSAs) and communities across Canada. It describes FNCFSA and community experiences with, and perceptions of, service planning and provision for children and youth with learning and/or behavioural disabilities. The project is an initial attempt to explore this topic area and contributes significantly to the literature as it presents data on which little research has previously been published. It contributes to our understanding of the issues and challenges faced by First Nations child welfare agencies and communities in meeting the needs of children with disabilities, and in particular, the needs of children with learning and/or behavioural disabilities. The results highlight the difficulties with defining learning and/or behavioural disabilities, gaps in services, the barriers to meeting the identified needs, and strengths.

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