Le projet MAP à Montréal. Pour favoriser l'insertion socioprofessionnelle de femmes chefs de familles monoparentales

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Revue de Psychoéducation, Volume 36, Issue 2, pp. 289-304

The aim of this article is to report on a research-practice project which led to the founding of a community organization devoted to the social and employment integration of single-parent, low income mothers with preschool age children: the MAP (Mères avec pouvoir), an acronym for mothers with power, project in Montreal. The global approach project has fostered an increase in the power to take action and partnership action through its implementation in two city locations, Longueuil and the South-Central district of Montreal. The comprehensive project took shape with the creation of a residential resource centre providing various self-help plans: subsidized housing, access to daycare in close proximity to home and support by a team of workers and partners. The initial project was launched by an IRDS interest group and can now rely on the support of 20 partners from various sectors of the community.

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