program evaluation

This section contains published information on the evaluation of several intervention and prevention programs.

Title Authors Year of Publication
Journal article
Duration in poverty-related programs and number of child maltreatment reports: A multilevel negative binomial study

Hyunil, Kim
Drake, Brett

Journal article
Establishing a good relationship with foster parents after issues with their performance: Experiences of foster parent resource workers
Brown, Jason
Serbinski, Sarah
Anderson, Landy
Gerrits, Julie
Journal article
Foster and adoptive parent training: A process and outcome investigation of the preservice PRIDE program

Nash, Jordanna
Flynn, Robert J.

Journal article
In whose words? Struggles and strategies of service providers working with immigrant clients with limited language abilities in the violence against women sector and child protection services
Alaggia, Ramona
Maiter, Sarah
Jenney, Angelique
Advancing Best Practice: A Review of Full Time Attendance Programs for Youth in British Columbia

Barnett, Paul
Howell, Stephen

Journal article
Listen to the children: Kids impressions of Who Do You Tell (TM)

Tutty, Leslie M.

Journal article
The use of mapping in child welfare investigations: A strength-based hybrid intervention

Lwin, Kristen
Versanov, Avi
Cheung, Connie
Goodman, Deborah
Andrews, Nancy

CYDL Data Byte 6: Least and Most Advantaged Albertans

Child and Youth Data Laboratory

Clarifying the Scope of Child Welfare Services: Report and Recommendations

The Commission to Promote Sustainable Child Welfare

Director of Child and Family Services Annual Report 2011-2012 (Nunavut)

Mark Arnold