Advancing Best Practice: A Review of Full Time Attendance Programs for Youth in British Columbia

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British Columbia: The Ministry of Children and Family Development

Barnett, Paul
Howell, Stephen

Canadian CW report

Full-time Attendance Program (FTAP) is a global term to describe a variety of
non-custodial interventions and support services for youth involved in the justice
system. These programs have developed over decades as “alternatives to
custody” and have been instrumental in helping British Columbia achieve the
lowest rate of youth incarceration in Canada. Some of the youth in FTAPs are also youth in care of the Ministry, and have evidently exhausted the pool of child welfare resources. This report details a review of FTAP programs undetaken by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), and the Provincial Association of Residential and Community Agencies (PARCA). The experiences of youth in care are highlighted.