out-of-home care

This section contains information related to children and youth who are in the placed in out-of-home care under the legal custody/guardianship of the Director. Out-of-home care includes voluntary care agreements and placements in residential, foster, and community or kinship care.

Title Authors Year of Publication
Documenting the Decline: The Dangerous Space Between Intentions and Meaninful Interventions

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Temporary placements: A crisis-management strategy for physically abused children?

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In Need of Protection: Angel’s Story

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The effect of lowering welfare payment ceilings on children's risk of out-of-home placement

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18-Year-Old Peter: An Investigative Review

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Journal article
Effects of the ABC intervention on foster children's receptive vocabulary: Follow-up results from a randomized clinical trial

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Journal article
Out-of-home placement and regional variations in poverty and health and social services spending: A multilevel analysis

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