Investigation Report: “Alex”

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Toronto, ON: Ontario Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth

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This report details an investigation which was initiated based on the complaint of a foster parent, (“Renee”), who felt pressured into accepting a young person into her home, despite her objections that the child’s needs were beyond what she felt she could handle at that particular time. The ensuing placement was short, but disastrous. “Alex” moved into the foster home on a Friday, and was removed by police two days later, after holding the foster parent at knifepoint, threatening to stab her, and setting a fire on the porch. As this incident started to escalate, two foster children and an adult with a developmental delay were ushered out of the home for their own safety and waited in a truck for the police to arrive. Alex was arrested by police and taken to a local hospital for assessment. The foster parent and a youth worker who was assisting in the home were unable to return to work in the aftermath of the incident.

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