This section contains published information on intervention and prevention programs for parents involved in the child welfare system.

Title Authors Year of Publication
Journal article
The evolving relationship between casework skills, engagement, and positive case outcomes in child protection: A structural equation model

Damiani-Taraba, Gissele
Dumbrill, Gary
Gladstone, James
Koster, Andrew
Leslie, Bruce
Charles, Michelle

Journal article
Characteristics of sexually abused children and their nonoffending mothers followed by child welfare services: The role of a maternal history of child sexual abuse
Baril, Karine
Tourigny, Marc
Paillé, Pierre
Pauzé, Robert
Journal article
Creating connections with child welfare workers: Experiences of foster parents’ own children
Serbinski, Sarah
Brown, Jason
Journal article
Emotion regulation in sexually abused preschoolers: The contribution of parental factors
Langevin, Rachel
Hébert, Martine
Allard-Dansereau, Claire
Bernard-Bonnin, Anne-Claude
Journal article
Foster and adoptive parent training: A process and outcome investigation of the preservice PRIDE program

Nash, Jordanna
Flynn, Robert J.

Journal article
Nistawatsiman: Rethinking assessment of Aboriginal parents for child welfare following the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Lindstom, Gabrielle
Choate, Peter W.

Nistawatsimin: Exploring First Nations Parenting: A Literature Review and Expert Consultation with Blackfoot Elders

Lindstrom, Gabrielle
Choate, Peter
Bastien, Leonard
Weasal Traveller, Audrey
Breaker, Stewart
Breaker, Kathy
Good Striker, Wilton
Good Striker, Evelyn

Journal article
Association of caregiver social support with the safety, permanency, and well-being of children in child welfare

Rajendran, Khushmand
Smith, Brenda D.
Videka, Lynn

Journal article
Termination of Parental Rights: A Commentary on Ben-David

Choate, Peter W.

Journal article
Preventing rapid repeat pregnancy and promoting positive parenting among young mothers in foster care

Finigan-Carr, Nadine M.
Murray, Kantahyanee W.
O'Connor, Julia M.
Rushovich, Berenice R.
Dixon, Desyree A.
Barth, Richard P.