permanency planning

Title Authors Year of Publication
B.C. Adoption and Permanency Options Update

Representative for Children and Youth

Journal article
Placement stability, cumulative time in care, and permanency: Using administrative data from CPS to track placement trajectories

Hélie, Sonia
Poirier, Marie-Andrée
Esposito, Tonino
Turcotte, Daniel

Journal article
Post-permanency discontinuity: A longitudinal examination of outcomes for foster youth after adoption or guardianship

Rolock, Nancy
White, Kevin R.

Journal article
Replication of the KEEP foster and kinship parent training program for youth with externalizing behaviors

Greeno, Elizabeth J.
Uretsky, Mathew C.
Lee, Bethany R.
Moore, Jessica E.
Barth, Richard P.
Shaw, Terry V.

A Report and Next Steps for Action from A Forum for Change: Reconciliation for Today’s First Nations, Métis & Aboriginal Children Through Custom Adoption and Lifelong Family and Tribal Connections

British Columbia Representative for Children and Youth

Journal article
Association of caregiver social support with the safety, permanency, and well-being of children in child welfare

Rajendran, Khushmand
Smith, Brenda D.
Videka, Lynn

Journal article
From Evolving Discourses to New Practice Approaches in Domestic Violence and Child Protective Services

Friend, Colleen
Shlonsky, Aron
Lambert, Liz

Book chapter
A Sacred Family Circle: A Family Group Conferencing Model

Desmeules, Gayle

Journal article
How Important is Permanency Planning for Children? Considerations for Pediatricians Involved in Child Protection

Waddell, Charlotte
MacMillan, Harriet
Marie Pietrantonio, Anna

Journal article
Focusing Intensive Family Preservation Services: Patterns and Consequences

Hayward, Karen
Cameron, Gary