Title Authors Year of Publication
Journal article
Experiences of child protection workers in collaborating with adult mental health providers: An exploratory study from Ontario, Canada

Mason, Robin
Du Mont, Janice
Paterson, Maeve
Hyman, Ilene

Journal article
The effect of lowering welfare payment ceilings on children's risk of out-of-home placement

Wildeman, Christopher
Fallesen, Peter

Journal article
A cross-national exploration of societal-level factors associated with child physical abuse and neglect

Klevens, Joanne
Ports, Katie A.
Austin, Chelsea
Ludlow, Ivan J.
Hurd, Jacqueline

Journal article
The journey of obtaining services: The realities of male survivors of childhood sexual abuse
Gagnier, Charlotte
Collin-Vézina, Delphine
Sablonnière-Griffin, Mireille De La
The Structured Decision Making® System for Child Protective Services: Policy and Procedures Manual for Saskatchewan

NCDD Children's Research Centre

Child protection act review: Advisory committee report
Prince Edward Island Family and Human Services
Journal article
Examining the impact of policy and legislation on the identification of neglect in Ontario: Trends over time
Fallon, Barbara
Trocmé, Nico
Sanders, Jane Elizabeth
Houston, Emmaline A.L.
Indigenous Resilience, Connectedness and Reunification - From Root Causes to Root Solutions: A Report on Indigenous Child Welfare in British Columbia

Grand Chief Ed John

Information Sheet
Ministerial Mandate Letters: Relevance to Indigenous Child Welfare and Well-Being

Churchill, Molly
Sinha, Vandna

Provincial/Territorial Protocol On Children, Youth and Families Moving Between Provinces and Territories

Government of British Columbia
Government of Alberta
Government of Manitoba
Government of Saskatchewan
Government of New Brunswick
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Government of Nova Scotia
Government of Prince Edward Island
Government of Northwest Territories
Government of Nunavut
Government of Yukon
Government of Ontario