Northwest Territories

This section contains material related to child welfare in the Northwest Territories.


Northwest Territories - Statistics

Northwest Territories: Children and youth in out-of-home care in 2014^

Children in care Child (0-18) population Rate per 1000
229 11,343 20.19

^Government of Northwest Territories. (2014). Annual Report of the Director of Child and Family Services 2013-2014.

*The rate per 1000 is calculated using the population of children covered under the age of protection in the Northwest Territories (under 19 years old).

§ Child welfare services fall under the jurisdiction of provincial and territorial authorities, making it difficult to compile statistics at the national level. The most notable variations between provinces include mandate variation by jurisdiction with respect to the age to which children are eligible for services, differences in the length of time a child can receive out-of-home care and the definition of out-of-home care.

Title Authors Year
Provincial/Territorial Protocol On Children, Youth and Families Moving Between Provinces and Territories

Government of British Columbia
Government of Alberta
Government of Manitoba
Government of Saskatchewan
Government of New Brunswick
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador
Government of Nova Scotia
Government of Prince Edward Island
Government of Northwest Territories
Government of Nunavut
Government of Yukon
Government of Ontario

A Report on the Northwest Territories Child and Family Services Act

MacLaurin, Bruce

I Want to Grow up in my Community: A Review of the Child and Family Service Act

Blackstock, Cindy

Report on the Review of the Child and Family Services Act: Building Stronger Families

Northwest Territories Standing Committee on Social Programs

Report to the Standing Committee on Social Programs of the16th Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories: Review of the Child and Family Services Act

Sutherland, Sharon

Review of the Child and Family Services Act: Summaries of Five Focus Groups Held in Yellowknife NWT

Terriplan Consultants

Northwest Territories Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect-2003 (NWTIS-2003): Major Findings

MacLaurin, Bruce
Trocmé, Nico
Fallon, Barbara
Pitman, Lisa
McCormack, Megan

It Takes a Community: A Report on Child Welfare Services in the Northwest Territories

Hansen, Gaye
Shangreaux, Corbin
Balla, Mike