Advanced Family Violence Training for Child Intervention Staff: An Environmental Scan

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Calgary Counselling Centre for the Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research: Calgary, AB

Snyder, Lynda
Babins-Wagner, Robbie

Canadian CW report

This environmental scan was done as part of a collaborative research project conducted by Calgary Counselling Centre researchers in partnership with Alberta Human Services: Child Intervention, Family Violence Prevention and Homeless Supports (FVPHS) and The Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research. The purpose of the research project was to provide information on best practices in risk assessment and safety planning for family violence clients and to have this work inform the ongoing enhancement of the Casework Practice Model used in HS:CI and the development of a framework for advanced family violence training for Child Intervention staff in Alberta. The authors completed a literature review, surveyed Child Intervention staff throughout Alberta regarding their current training needs and conducted focus groups in different locations around the province. Information and guidance for this project was provided by the project’s Steering Committee, the Child Intervention Advisory Committee and an Expert Advisory Committee made of academics and leaders in the field from across Canada.