Brief Report on Income and Employment: Based on the Link Program Evaluation Study

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University of Victoria, Victoria, BC: 2 pages.

Hubberstey, Carol
Rutman, Deborah
Hume, Sharon
Canadian CW research
Canadian CW report

For the past 25 years, Aunt Leah’s Place has been providing programs for youth in foster care, teen moms, and those transitioning out of foster care. 

The Link Program - designed for former foster youth aged 19 and older - provides: housing-related support, life skills workshops, help with resumes, job searches and applications, drop-in, emergency food and clothing, outreach and one-to-one support tailored to issues identified by each youth. 

In 2012-2014, researchers from the University of Victoria School of Social Work conducted and evaluation of the Link. A total of 53 people were interviewed twice at 6-9 month intervals. 

  • 21 Link program participants
  • 22 youth from care who had not accessed the Link program (comparison group)
  • 6 program staff; and
  • 4 support people (of the youths)

This brief report offers a summary of findings related to income & employment based on interviews with a total of 43 youth from foster care at Time 1 and 31 at Time 2.

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