Housing Conditions in Child Maltreatment-Related Investigations in Ontario in 2018

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CWRP Information Sheet #208E. Toronto, ON: Canadian Child Welfare Research Portal

The Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect 2018 (OIS-2018) is the sixth provincial study to examine the incidence of reported child maltreatment and the characteristics of children and families investigated by child welfare authorities in Ontario. This Information Sheet examines housing conditions in child maltreatment-related investigations conducted by the Ontario child welfare system in 2018. Safe and stable housing is a known contributor to the health and wellbeing of children. Associations have been identified between inadequate housing conditions and involvement in the child welfare system. Child welfare-involved families experiencing unsafe living conditions and/or housing instability may benefit from innovative services that target housing needs. This Information Sheet examines the following housing conditions which were described by the investigating child welfare worker: the type of housing, frequency of family moves in the past year, presence of overcrowding in the home, and housing safety.

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