Identity, Community, Resilience: The Transmission of Values Project

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Brown, I., Chaze. F., Fuchs, D., Lafrance, J., McKay, S., & Thomas Prokop, S. (Eds.). Putting a Human Face on Child Welfare: Voices from the Prairie. Prairie Child Welfare Consortium / Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare: pp. 25-57.

The rapid loss of culture among young Aboriginal people and their families is viewed as a significant factor influencing the rise in child welfare apprehensions, and is a cause for great concern among Indian child and family service agencies. Guided by community representatives and Elders, the project research team of the “Identity, Community, Resilience: The Transmission of Values Project” sought to explore how Aboriginal communities transmit values. This chapter reports on the research methodology and findings regarding the many positive programs and services within the community that contribute to the strengthening of cultural identity through the transmission of values. Policy recommendations are made that would ensure the continuance of positive programs in the community that contribute to the transmission of values and the strengthening of cultural identity, community cohesion, and individual and community resilience.

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