Le suicide chez les jeunes en Centre jeunesse: où en sommes-nous et quels sont les défis pour la prévention?

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Revue de Psychoéducation, Volume 36, Issue 2, pp. 273-278

This article profiles advances made in the last 10 years on suicide prevention among young people in youth centres. It begins with a compilation of research data on the issue of suicide within this age group. Statistics reveal an exceptionally high incidence of suicide and suicidal behaviour among this group of young people, with variations linked to gender (boys versus girls) and the simultaneous presence of one or more risk factors. It outlines the main suicide risk factors present in young people in youth centres with a focus on issues such as mental health problems and alcohol and drug abuse. Life issues and factors for suicide prevention are also addressed, as well as innovative collaborative programs developed to better treat these young people and prevent suicide. Finally, the article describes the major challenges in suicide prevention and the impact on young people in youth centres, notably the need to focus on new programs that better reflect their unique situation.

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