Ontario Risk Assessment Model Phase 1: Implementation and Training

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Centre for Applied Social Research Bell Canada Child Welfare Research Unit, Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto: 74 pages.

This evaluation of the initial implementation and training for the Risk Assessment Model is the first phase of a three-phase evaluation being conducted by the Ministry. The subsequent two phases will evaluate the impact of the Risk Assessment Model (Phase II) and develop and refine the existing risk assessment tools (Phase III) (Request for Proposals, MCSS, 1998). This first phase evaluation examines:

  • the strategy used by the Ministry to implement the Risk Assessment Model in an effort to determine “best practice” approaches to implementing risk assessment as well as to inform implementation for other elements of the Child Welfare Reform Agenda; and
  • the Risk Assessment Model training provided by the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies (OACAS) under contract to the Ministry.
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