Violence conjugale et mauvais traitements envers les enfants: phénomènes reliés mais envisagés dans des paradigmes distincts

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Revue de Psychoéducation, Volume 36, Issue 2, pp. 317-328

Data currently available indicate that the presence of domestic abuse is relatively frequent in family situations where children are victims of maltreatment, and that these family situations are generally more serious and complex. Although family violence has been viewed as a major social issue for years, it is still essentially addressed in a fragmented way both in terms of intervention and research. This article is a compilation of recent research findings on the co-occurrence of domestic violence and child maltreatment in terms of the scope and consequences of the phenomenon for young victims and of the parental role. It also addresses the complex nature of incidents of violence and the wide-ranging needs of various family members involved in issues of this nature. The article outlines the factors that are currently an obstacle to establishing effective, coherent and concerted methods of intervention, and discusses the conditions needed to find solutions.

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