Title Authors Year of Publication
Journal article
Prevalence and Co-Occurrence of Violence Against Children in the Québec Population

Tourigny, Marc
Hébert, Martine
Joly, Jacques
Cyr, Mireille
Baril, Karine

Journal article
Child Maltreatment and Domestic Violence Editorial: Current State of Knowledge and Emerging Strategies for Policy and Practice

Shlonsky, Aron
Friend, Colleen

Journal article
Child physical abuse with and without other forms of maltreatment: Dysfunctionality versus dysnormality

Larrivée, Marie-Claude
Tourigny, Marc
Bouchard, Camil

Journal article
Co-Occurrence of Interparental Violence and Child Physical Abuse and its Effect on the Adolescent's Behavior

Bourassa, Chantal

Journal article
Factors associated with co-occurrence of spousal and parental violence: Quebec population study

Lévesque, Sylvie
Clément, Marie-Ève
Chamberland, Claire

Journal article
The Effect of Maltreatment Co-occurrence on Emotional Harm among Sexually Abused Children

De Marco, Richard
Tonmyr, Lil
Fallon, Barbara
Trocmé, Nico

Journal article
Using neuropsychological profiles to classify neglected children with or without physical abuse

Nolin, Pierre
Ethier, Louise S.

Journal article
Violence conjugale et mauvais traitements envers les enfants: phénomènes reliés mais envisagés dans des paradigmes distincts

Lavergne, Chantal

Journal article
Awareness and Detection of the Co-Occurrence of Interparental Violence and Child Abuse: Child Welfare Worker's Perspective

Bourassa, Chantal
Lavergne, Chantal
Damant, Dominique
Lessard, Geneviève
Turcotte, Pierre

Information Sheet
Mapping Adolescent Health Risk Behaviours

Wekerle, Christine
Wall, Anne-Marie
Knoke, Della