Title Authors Year of Publication
Information Sheet
Legal Age for Leaving Children Unsupervised Across Canada

Ruiz-Casares, Mónica
Kilinc, Deniz

Documenting the Decline: The Dangerous Space Between Intentions and Meaninful Interventions

Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth

18-Year-Old Peter: An Investigative Review

Office of the Child and Youth Advocate Alberta

Information Sheet
Child Protection Investigations Involving Adolescents in Ontario

Fallon, Barbara
Van Wert, Melissa

Journal article
Pathways linking childhood maltreatment and adolescent sexual risk behaviors: The role of attachment security
Thibodeau, Marie-Eve Lavoie, Francine Hébert, Martine Blais, Martin
Journal article
Physical and mental health of sexually abuse youth: Gender comparisons from a matched-control cohort study

Daigneault, Isabelle
Vézina-Gagnon, Pascale
Bourgeois, Catherine 
Esposito, Tonino
Hébert, Martine

Journal article
Trauma-symptom profiles of adolescents in child welfare
Gallitto, Elena Lyons, Jennifer Weegar, Kelly Romano, Elisa
Journal article
Which maltreated children are at greatest risk of aggressive and criminal behavior? An examination of maltreatment dimensions and cumulative risk
Van Wert, Melissa Mishna, Faye Trocmé, Nico Fallon, Barbara
Journal article
A prospective study of the impact of child maltreatment and friend support on psychological distress trajectory: From adolescence to emerging adulthood

Dion, Jacinthe
Matte-Gagné, Célia
Daigneault, Isabelle
Blackburn, Marie-Eve
Hébert, Martine
McDuff, Pierre
Auclair, Julie
Veillette, Suzanne
Perron, Michel

Journal article
Child sexual abuse as a risk factor for teen dating violence: Findings from a representative sample of Quebec youth
Hébert, Martine Moreau, Catherine Blais, Martin Lavoie, Francine Guerrier, Mireille