community-based research

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Information Sheet
Mobilizing Knowledge on Developmental Trauma for Adopted Children and Families in Ontario: Key Informant Perspectives IV

Alman, Isayah 
Giokas, Danielle 
Filippelli, Joanne 
Fallon, Barbara

Journal article
Better understand to better serve: A province-wide knowledge mobilization initiative in child protection

Esposito, Tonino
Trocmé, Nico
Chabot, Martin
Coughlin, Lorry
Gaumont, Chloé
Delaye, Ashleigh

Journal article
Building research capacity in child welfare in Canada

Trocmé, Nico
Roy, Catherine
Esposito, Tonino

Research-Community Partnerships in Child Welfare

Léveillé, Sophie
Trocmé, Nico
Brown, Ivan
Chamberland, Claire

Book chapter
Complex Poverty and Home-grown Solutions in Two Prairie Cities

Silver, Jim

Information Sheet
Supervision in child welfare: Integrating administrative and clinical components

Dill, Katharine
Bogo, Marion

Information Sheet
An example of Appreciative Inquiry as a methodology for child welfare research in Saskatchewan Aboriginal communities

Thomas Prokop, Shelley
McKay, Sharon
Gough, Pamela

Book chapter
Development of the Prairie Child Welfare Consortium and This Book

McKay, Sharon

Information Sheet
The CRABE Project: Maps of Child Maltreatment and Associated Factors - An Interactive Diagnostic Tool for Communities

Dufour, Sarah
Pitre, Patrice
Mayer, Micheline
Carrière, Jean
Massicotte, Karina

A study of three community and school-based models of child welfare service delivery in Ontario

Frensch, Karen M.
Cameron, Gary
Hazineh, Lirondel