Complex Poverty and Home-grown Solutions in Two Prairie Cities

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McKay, S., Fuchs, D. & Brown, I. (Eds.). Passion for Action in Child and Family Services: Voices from the Prairies. Regina, SK: Canadian Plains Research Center: pp. 227-246.

This chapter describes a particular form of poverty—spatially concentrated racialized poverty—that has emerged in recent decades in many western Canadian inner cities. This poverty is about much more than a shortage of income; it damages people in many ways. It is a form of poverty that is deeply entrenched and resistant to quick or easy solutions. The chapter argues that despite the complexity and tenacity of this form of poverty, out of its midst are emerging community-based solutions that are innovative and effective, and that have significant potential for overcoming poverty. The chapter will argue that in order for these community-based solutions to become truly transformative in communities plagued by spatially concentrated racialized poverty, additional policy measures are needed. The chapter concludes by offering some thoughts on what these might be.

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