differential response

Differential response describes a child welfare service response provided after a report of maltreatment. Such alternative child welfare service responses vary by jurisdiction and according to factors including the type and severity of alleged maltreatment and the willingness of the family to participate in services.

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Journal article
The manifest and latent functions of differential response in child welfare
Ji, Daniel
Sullivan, Richard
Journal article
What's so different about differential response? A multilevel and longitudinal analysis of child neglect investigations

Janczewski, Colleen E.
Mersky, Joshua P. 

Journal article
Does differential response make a difference: Examining domestic violence cases in child protection services

Alaggia, Ramona
Gadalla, Tahany M.
Shlonsky, Aron
Jenney, Angelique
Daciuk, Joanne

Information Sheet
A Profile of Customized and Traditional Investigations in Ontario in 2008

Van Wert, Melissa
Lefebvre, Rachael
Fallon, Barbara
Trocmé, Nico

Book chapter
Making the Connection: Strategies for Working with High-risk Youth

Smyth, Peter
Eaton-Erickson, Arlene

Journal article
From Evolving Discourses to New Practice Approaches in Domestic Violence and Child Protective Services

Friend, Colleen
Shlonsky, Aron
Lambert, Liz

Empowering Families, Strengthening and Protecting Children: Introducing Kinship Program and Family Group Conferencing Program at the Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex

Leschied, Alan W.
MacKay, Ryan
Raghunandan, Shivon
Sharpe, Nicole
Sookoor, Marguerite

The Perceived Utility of Child Maltreatment Risk Assessment and Clinical Assessment Tools

Shlonsky, Aron
Lambert, Liz

Family Group Conferencing: Assessing the long-term effectiveness of an alternative approach in child protection

Cunning, Sandra
Bartlett, Diane

Prairie Forum Policy Summary