intervention & prevention

Intervention and prevention programs are provided to children, caregivers, and families to reduce the risk factors for and impact of child abuse or neglect.

Title Authors Year of Publication
Journal article
Activation de la résilience chez des enfants placés, du point de vue des professionnels des services de protection de l’enfance de l’Ontario, Canada

Lewis, Robert

Equity Concerns in the Context of COVID-19: A Focus on First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Communities in Canada

Saint-Girons, Marie
Joh-Carnella, Nicolette
Lefebvre, Rachael
Blackstock, Cindy
Fallon, Barbara

CYDL Data Byte: An insight into child intervention clients’ mental health

Ruiting, Jia
Xinjie, Cui

Journal article
A longitudinal study of emotion regulation among sexually abused preschoolers
Sèguin-Lemire, Ariane
Hèbert, Martine
Cossette, Louise
Langevin, Rachel
Journal article
Effects of the ABC intervention on foster children's receptive vocabulary: Follow-up results from a randomized clinical trial

Bernard, Kristin M.
Lee, Amy H.
Dozier, Mary K.

Journal article
Infants and the decision to provide ongoing child welfare services
Filippelli, Joanne
Fallon, Barbara
Trocmé, Nico
Fuller-Thomson, Esme
Black, Tara
Journal article
Is the families first home visiting program effective in reducing child maltreatment and improving child development?

Chartier, Mariette J
Brownell, Marni D
Isaac, Michael R
Chateau, Dan
Nickel, Nathan C
Katz, Alan
Sarkar, Joykrishna
Hu, Milton
Taylor, Carole

Journal article
Pathways linking childhood maltreatment and adolescent sexual risk behaviors: The role of attachment security
Thibodeau, Marie-Eve
Lavoie, Francine
Hébert, Martine
Blais, Martin
Journal article
Sexual abuse and preschoolers: Forensic details in regard of question types
Gagnon, Karine
Cyr, Mireille
Journal article
Testing the limits: Extending attachment-based intervention effects to infant cognitive outcome and parental stress
Dubois-Comtois, Karine
Cyr, Chantal
Tarabulsy, George M. 
St-Laurent, Diane
Bernier, Annie
Moss, Ellen