Each province and territory has unique legislation defining and describing responses to neglect. Assessing neglect requires a consideration of poverty and other family and community factors. Neglect includes the failure of a parent or guardian to provide a child’s basic needs such as for food, education, healthcare or supervision.

For more information, review the information sheet on the causes, consequences, and factors associated with child neglect and the information sheet on child neglect prevention and intervention.

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Information Sheet
Vaccination and Child Welfare: Does vaccine hesitancy constitute medical neglect?

Allan, Kate
Livingston, Eliza

Information Sheet
Medical Neglect in Child Maltreatment-Related Investigations in Ontario in 2018

Giokas, Danielle
Lefebvre, Rachael
Joh-Carnella, Nicolette
Fallon, Barbara

Behind Closed Doors: A Story of Neglect

New Brunswick Office of the Child and Youth Advocate

Alone and Afraid: Lessons learned from the ordeal of a child with special needs and his family

British Columbia Representative for Children and Youth

Information Sheet
Educational Neglect in Ontario

Fallon, Barbara
Van Wert, Melissa

Journal article
Predicting chronic neglect: Understanding risk and protective factors for CPS‐involved families

Logan-Greene, Patricia
Semanchin Jones, Annette

Journal article
The protective effect of neighborhood social cohesion in child abuse and neglect

Maguire-Jack, Kathryn
Showalter, Kathryn

Journal article
What's so different about differential response? A multilevel and longitudinal analysis of child neglect investigations

Janczewski, Colleen E.
Mersky, Joshua P. 

A tragedy waiting to happen

The Office of the Child and Youth Advocate Newfoundland and Labrador

Information Sheet
Child neglect I: Scope, consequences, and risk and protective factors

Blumenthal, Anne