out-of-home care

This section contains information related to children and youth who are in the placed in out-of-home care under the legal custody/guardianship of the Director. Out-of-home care includes voluntary care agreements and placements in residential, foster, and community or kinship care.

Title Authors Year of Publication
Journal article
Sharing the Care of Our Children in a Changing Societal Context

Kufeldt , Kathleen

Journal article
Treatment of Choice or a Last Resort? A Review of Residential Mental Health Placements for Children and Youth

Frensch, Karen M.
Cameron, Gary

Children and youth in care in British Columbia: An epidemiological review of mortality

Office of the Provincial Health Officer

Health status of children and youth in care in British Columbia: What do the mortality data show?

Office of the Provincial Health Officer

Supporting young people's transition from government care research project

Rutman, Deborah
Barlow, April
Hubberstey, Carol
Alusik, Daniela
Brown, Erinn

Journal article
The Social Construction of Resilience Among Problem Youth In Out-Of-Home Placement: A Study of Health-Enhancing Deviance

Ungar, Michael

Évaluation d'implantation et d'impact du projet d'intervention massive à l'enfance (PRIME) : Rapport final

Dagenais, Christian
Bastien, Marie-France
Bégin, Jean
Tourigny, Marc

Parent Mutual Aid Organizations in Child Welfare Demonstration Project: A Report of Outcomes

Cameron, Gary
Birnie-Lefcovitch, Shelly

Newfoundland and Labrador Adoption Act

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Standards for Staffed Children's Residential Services Provided Under the Child, Family and Community Service Act 1998

Standards for Staffed Children's Residential Services Committee: 

  • Federation of Child and Family Services of British Columbia
  • Child and Youth Care Association of British Columbia
  • Federation of British Columbia Youth In Care Networks
  • British Columbia Federation of Foster Parent Associations
  • Provincial Association of Residential Community Alternatives