Jumping through Hoops: A Manitoba Study Examining Experiences and Reflections of Aboriginal Mothers Involved with Child Welfare in Manitoba

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McKay, S., Fuchs, D. & Brown, I. (Eds.). Passion for Action in Child and Family Services: Voices from the Prairies. Regina, SK: Canadian Plains Research Center: pp. 69-98.

Bennett, Marlyn

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Canadian CW research

Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc., an urban Aboriginal organization in Winnipeg, undertook to conduct a review into the experiences of Aboriginal mothers involved with the child welfare system and family courts regarding child protection matters. This paper describes some of those experiences and reflections. The findings draw from in-depth recorded interviews conducted with 32 Aboriginal mothers during March to June of 2007. Each interview was transcribed and thematically analyzed; collectively, the mothers’ stories about their experience with the child welfare and legal profession revealed a number of predominant themes. The paper highlights a number of solutions identified by mothers about how child welfare and family court systems can be improved to work better for Aboriginal mothers and their children.

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