PIBE: Information to support research and child welfare

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CECW Information Sheet #20E. Montreal, QC: Université de Montréal, École de service social.

Psycho-social interventions with children and families in difficulty are numerous, varied and may be carried out over long periods. These interventions generate a large amount of data that is valuable not only to practitioners and managers, but also to members of the scientific community. For the past few years, Quebec’s youth centres have been collecting information about services offered to their clientele using a shared, computerized information system called Projet Intégrateur Jeunesse (PIJ) or “Integrated Youth Project.” Building on the PIJ data, Plate-forme informationnelle sur le bien-être des enfants (PIBE) or “Child Welfare Information Platform” makes use of this shared information system to support the development of knowledge in this field.

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