Preventing rapid repeat pregnancy and promoting positive parenting among young mothers in foster care

Journal article

Finigan-Carr, Nadine M.
Murray, Kantahyanee W.
O'Connor, Julia M.
Rushovich, Berenice R.
Dixon, Desyree A.
Barth, Richard P.

Social Work in Public Health, 30(1): 1-17

Young mothers in foster care face considerable challenges above and beyond that of their non-foster care peers. Child welfare workers have few resources to guide them in the selection of evidence-informed programs, models, and strategies that address the unique risk factors and needs of youth in foster care who are at risk for rapid repeat pregnancy and inadequate parenting practices. Workers need knowledge of the evidence about which programs are most likely to improve key health and well-being outcomes. The article assesses the evidence-based programs identified and yields a list that reflects the best evidence for efficacy and effectiveness.