Reconciliation: Rebuilding the Canadian Child Welfare System to Better Serve Aboriginal Children and Youth

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Brown, I., Chaze. F., Fuchs, D., Lafrance, J., McKay, S., & Thomas Prokop, S. (Eds.). Putting a Human Face on Child Welfare: Voices from the Prairie. Prairie Child Welfare Consortium / Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare: pp. 59-87.

Child welfare practice, which has evolved in Canada over the past hundred years, has been based on Euro-centric values and worldviews. These have caused considerable harm to Aboriginal individuals and communities and continue to contribute to outcomes for Aboriginal children that are not encouraging. A conceptual framework for effecting reconciliation between mainstream and Aboriginal child welfare is presented. The framework is composed of four aspects of reconciliation related to each other in a circular fashion, Putting a Human Face on Child Welfare and five principles to guide the way forward. Together these represent "touchstones of hope" for Aboriginal children, youth, and families.

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