intervention & prevention

Intervention and prevention programs are provided to children, caregivers, and families to reduce the risk factors for and impact of child abuse or neglect.

Title Authors Year of Publication
Journal article
Knowledge mobilization in child welfare

Trocmé, Nico
Esposito, Tonino
Laurendeau, Claude
Thomson, Wendy
Milne, Lise

Book chapter
Making the Connection: Strategies for Working with High-risk Youth

Smyth, Peter
Eaton-Erickson, Arlene

Information Sheet
Mediation in child welfare

Knoke, Della

Journal article
More Than a Playmate, Less than a Co-Parent: Fathers in the Canadian BSW Curriculum

Walmsley, Christopher
Strega, Susan
Brown, Leslie
Dominelli, Lena
Callahan, Marilyn

Journal article
Preschoolers, Parents, and Teachers (PPT): A Preventive Intervention with an At Risk Population

Draper, Kay
Siegel, Christine
White, JoAnna
Solis, Caroline
Mishna, Faye

Book chapter
Rehearsing with Reality: Exploring Health Issues with Aboriginal Youth through Drama

Goulet, Linda
Episkenew, Jo-Ann
Linds, Warren
Arnason, Karen

Journal article
Restoring Family Support, Self-Esteem, and Reducing Distress Among Sexually Abused Young Runaways

Edinburgh, Laurel
Homma, Yuko
Saewyc, Elizabeth
Wirkkala, Sara
Mickschl, Leah

Journal article
School-based physical activity programs for promoting physical activity and fitness in children and adolescents aged 6-18

Dobbins, Maureen
DeCorby, Kara
Robeson, Paula
Husson, Heather
Tirilis, Daiva

Information Sheet
Strategies to enhance substance abuse treatment for parents involved with child welfare

Knoke, Della

Journal article
The Experiences of Minority Immigrant Families Receiving Child Welfare Services: Seeking to Understand How to Reduce Risk and Increase Protective Factors

Maiter, Sarah
Stalker, Carol A.
Alaggia, Ramona