intervention & prevention

Intervention and prevention programs are provided to children, caregivers, and families to reduce the risk factors for and impact of child abuse or neglect.

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Book chapter
The Moving Forward Project: Working with Refugee Children, Youth, and their Families

White, Judy
Franklin, Dawn
Gruber, Klaus
Hanke, Cody
Holzer, Bernadette
Javed, Nayyar
Keyser, Pat
Mir, Ashraf
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Weighill, Clive

Journal article
The role of parental stress, mother’s childhood abuse and perceived consequences of violence in predicting attitudes and attribution in favor of corporal punishment

Clément, Marie-Ève
Chamberland, Claire

Journal article
What Canadian Youth Tell Us About Disclosing Abuse

Ungar, Michael
Tutty, Leslie M.
McConnell, Sheri
Barter, Ken
Fairholm, Judi

Journal article
Where is the Justice? Parental Experiences of the Canadian Justice System in Cases of Child Sexual Abuse

Alaggia, Ramona
Lambert, Elizabeth
Regehr, Cheryl

Journal article
Working with Me, Working at Me: Fathers' Narratives of Child Welfare

Strega, Susan
Brown, Leslie
Callahan, Marilyn
Dominelli, Lena
Walmsley, Christopher

Journal article
(Ad)ministering Love: Providing Family Foster Care to Infants With Prenatal Substance Exposure

Marcellus, Lenora

A Management Review of the Alberta Child Welfare System

Crabtree, Cathy R.

Information Sheet
Assessing Emotional Neglect in Infants

Wotherspoon, Evelyn
Gough, Pamela

Journal article
Child Welfare Workers' Practice in Cases Involving Domestic Violence

Bourassa, Chantal
Lavergne, Chantal
Damant, Dominique
Lessard, Geneviève
Turcotte, Pierre

Journal article
Disclosure of sexual abuse, personal and familial factors as predictors of post-traumatic stress symptoms in school-aged girls

Bernard-Bonnin, Anne-Claude
Hébert, Martine
Daigneault, Isabelle
Allard-Dansereau, Claire