In Manitoba, the Child and Family Services (CFS) Division of the Department of Family Services oversees family supports and protection services to children delivered under the mandate of The Child and Family Services Act (1985)The Child and Family Services Authorities Act (2003) created four authorities (First Nations Authority of Northern Manitoba, First Nations Authority of Southern Manitoba, Metis Authority and General Authority) that oversee services, disperse funds and ensure that culturally appropriate services are delivered by their respective agencies consistent with relevant legislation. The Authorities have mandated 23 legally distinct agencies, of which 17 are First Nations child welfare agencies; three are non-Aboriginal, private child welfare agencies; two are Metis child welfare agencies; and one is the Department of Family Services (of which there are multiple offices in five areas of the province). Fourteen child welfare agencies have also been named as Designated Intake Agencies (DIAs) which function as central intake services in various geographic regions of the province. DIAs conduct initial intakes/brief investigations and then transfer cases that will remain open to receive ongoing services to an agency of the authority of the family’s choosing. A unique feature of CFS in Manitoba is that families may decide from which authority they wish to receive services regardless of the region in which they reside. For more information, please see the information sheet on Manitoba's child welfare system.


Manitoba - Statistics

Manitoba: Children and youth in out-of-home care in 2019^

Children in care Child (0-17) population Rate per 1000*
10,258 308,969 33.20

^Department of Manitoba Families (2019). Annual Report 2018-2019.

*The rate per 1000 is calculated using the population of children covered under the age of protection in Manitoba (under 18 years old).

§ Child welfare services fall under the jurisdiction of provincial and territorial authorities, making it difficult to compile statistics at the national level. The most notable variations between provinces include mandate variation by jurisdiction with respect to the age to which children are eligible for services, differences in the length of time a child can receive out-of-home care and the definition of out-of-home care.

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